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Ayerza Consulting was founded in January 1992 by experienced vocational rehabilitation counselor Patricia Biscay Ayerza, M.B.A., C.R.C., A.B.V.E., in Portland, Oregon.  In 2001, Linda Gilman joined our firm as an administrative assistant after retiring from a productive professional career with the Social Security Administration.  In 2008, Robert William (“Bill”) Sulser, M.A., C.D.M.S., TESOL and CASAS Certificates, joined our firm as a vocational rehabilitation counselor and financial consultant, after successful employment in teaching, training, and accounting in both the private and public sectors.  Through the years we have also expanded to include offices in Vancouver and Longview, Washington, and Columbia County, Oregon.  We provide services throughout the states of Oregon and Washington and are willing to travel to provide services.

Patricia Biscay Ayerza, M.B.A., C.R.C., A.B.V.E.
, has been in practice as a vocational rehabilitation counselor since 1983, with six additional years of vocational/social service counseling, in both the public and private sectors.  Her experience in claim management/vocational coordination, in addition to her service to clients with disabilities, has created a rare blend of pragmatism and compassion, which enables her to be objective in the provision of vocational services.  Her wide exposure and experience in all arenas of vocational rehabilitation with a large body of customers and stakeholders have given her unique skills and abilities to provide wide-ranging and comprehensive services from a 360 degree perspective.  Her educational background in both the social sciences and business administration has given her skills to evaluate and solve problems from many different perspectives.  Her bicultural background and exposure to and competence in other languages besides English have given her a unique ability to understand clients and employers of diverse ethnic backgrounds.  She has experience in vocational testing and work evaluation since 1984, and considerable expertise with a wide variety of vocational testing instruments, including instruments for Spanish-speakers.  She is recognized as a creative test administrator and interpreter of results by the many other counselors and customers that she has served over the years.  Her experience as a vocational expert is extensive and dates back to 1983.  She is seen by her peers and customers as a very thorough, credible and objective provider of vocational expert testimony.  Click here to download a copy of Patricia’s vitae and to learn more about her and her practice: 
Patricia’s Vitae

Robert William (“Bill”) Sulser, M.A., C.D.M.S., TESOL and CSAS Certificates,
joined Ayerza Consulting as a a partner/co-owner in 2008 after many years as a teacher, accountant and auditor.  Along with a degree in business administration with concentrations in finance and international business and a minor in behavioral sciences, he holds a Bachelor’s degree and Masters in Foreign Languages (German), a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and in CASAS administration/interpretation.  He brings valuable experience in teaching (English as a Second Language, German, Italian, and training other teachers to administer educational tests), including course and curriculum development, lesson planning, testing and working with persons with limited English proficiency.  A trained linguist, Bill speaks seven languages and has completed extensive studies in linguistics, with an emphasis on language acquisition, retention, and pedagogy, neurolinguistics, and language disorders.  This background gives him special abilities in working with persons facing various language barriers to employment and learning.  It also provides a solid background that transfers well to vocational testing and training plan development and monitoring, with both native and non-native English speakers. His background in accounting/auditing and finance gives him a firm grounding in the needs and ways of the business world and the ability to assess the potential financial and operational impacts of employee injuries to both the worker and the employer, as well as to the insurer.  His aim is to provide realistic and effective vocational rehabilitation services which will provide the worker with an optimum opportunity for a successful return to the world of employment while controlling costs for both the employer at injury and the insurer.  Click here to download a copy of  Bill’s vitae and to learn more about him and his practice: 
Bill’s Vitae

Linda Gilman
had a 25-year career in disability adjudication with the Social Security Administration through 1995, where she had extensive training and experience as a Legal Assistant to Administrative Law Judges at the Office of Hearings and Appeals.  Since then, she has free-lanced in contract work, performing medical file reviews for medical malpractice attorneys, medical/legal and marketing transcription, and providing administrative assistant services in billing, case and business management for law offices, vocational counselors and non-profit organizations. She has considerable expertise with a variety of business software including WordPerfect, Word, Excel and QuickBooks, and the capacity to transcribe both audio tapes and digital sound files.   Click here to download a copy of  Linda’s resumé and to learn more about her and her practice: 
Linda’s Résumé