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We provide the full range of vocational rehabilitation services, including specializations in the following:
  • Early Return-to-Work / Early Intervention Services with Employers at Injury, including job site modification
  • Direct Employment and Training Plan Development
  • Job Analysis, Job Development, Labor Market Research and Follow-up Services
  • Expert Testimony, including loss of wage-earning capacity and loss of benefits calculations
  • Work Evaluation and Vocational Testing (in English and Spanish), including CASAS Assessment for ESL
  • Transferable Skills Analysis

What follows is a broader synopsis of services that Ayerza Consulting provides:

Early Return-to-Work/Early Intervention Services:

We work with the worker, doctor and employer-at-injury to develop regular and modified return-to-work options, which may or may not include job site modification services to eliminate barriers to employment.  This will also include job analysis, and may also include medical management services.

Vocational Evaluation: 

We perform an Ability-to-Work Assessment/Eligibility Evaluation to determine if the worker’s return-to-work process can be accomplished through direct employment services, or if training plan development services are necessary.  We can also provide evaluations as stand-alone documents.  This will in most cases include job analysis, labor market research and transferable skills analysis services, and may also involve work evaluation and/or vocational testing services.

Job Analysis:

We consult with employers to provide objective analysis of the essential job duties and physical demands of specific jobs.  This will often include on-site job analysis.  We also correlate our findings with objective data collected by the U.S. Department of Labor and other entities to ensure completeness of the analysis.

Labor Market Research:

We have expertise in conducting labor market surveys and performing labor market research by contacting employers to obtain detailed job information that relates to essential job duties, hiring requirements, wages, numbers of jobs available, current openings, wages and turnover information.  We are also highly skilled at using a variety of local and national labor market demand and supply databases to collect information regarding job trends such as numbers of jobs, average wages, annual openings, applicants-to-openings ratios, and growth rates to further assess reasonableness of specific job goals.  We will compare both kinds of data to perform a complete analysis of labor market information for specific goals.

Plan Development Services:

We work with the client to develop an appropriate vocational plan for both direct employment and training plans.  This will involve significant vocational exploration and investigation of available training programs.  The training plan will be presented for approval in a time-efficient and thorough manner.  Plan monitoring services and follow-up counseling after placement are also available.

Job Development and Placement Services: 

We provide job development services, referring clients to appropriate community facilities to assist with this process, using a variety of resources to conduct job search, and contacting employers in the client’s behalf.  Job search skills and job readiness training are also aspects of these services.

Work Evaluation and Vocational Testing: 

Combined we have over forty years of experience in this field.  Most of the testing that we perform involves aptitudes; achievement in reading (both word knowledge and reading comprehension), arithmetic, and spelling; and interest and personality testing as they relate to the work world.  We provide services in both English and Spanish.  In addition, we can provide Spanish reading comprehension testing and oral competency testing for clients whose first language is not English, including CASAS reading and listening assessments to guide placement in the proper level of ESL classes and reasonable estimates of the time required for the worker to reach the necessary level of fluency in English.  We can also provide general learning ability and basic intelligence testing.  In addition, we can take a work evaluation approach to aptitude analysis, based on aptitudes demonstrated in prior work experience, to augment our comprehensive reports.  Our testing services are up-to-date and relevant to today’s work world experience.  Please consult our “Forms” page for a referral form for our work evaluation and vocational testing services.

Transferable Skills Analysis: 

We perform transferable skills analyses by utilizing hand-entered data and/or entering data into our own licensed computerized software program to provide a comprehensive analysis of transferable skills.  We utilize information provided to us by the referral source regarding the client’s prior work history, physical limitations, educational background, English-language competency and other factors to screen jobs and determine whether the individual’s work history is appropriately transferable to the jobs being considered.  These methods involve utilizing a variety of government and private resources to analyze jobs in terms of various factors and levels of transferability.  We can also perform labor market research to determine which of the jobs identified would be best for vocational exploration and/or employability assessment purposes.  Please consult our Forms”  page for a referral form for our transferable skills analysis services.

Vocational Expert Testimony Services:

We have experience providing expert testimony services for attorneys, governmental agencies and insurance firms since 1983.  This consists of a full range of services, including but not entirely limited to employability evaluations and on-the-stand testimony.  We use well-honed skills acquired through years of accounting, finance and claims management background to create customized spreadsheets that evaluate presence or loss of earning capacity, and loss of a variety of benefits.  We also regularly perform forensic evaluations to determine whether a specific worker could benefit from vocational services.  For more information, please consult our Who We Are” page to download our CVs.