Ayerza Consulting

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Your team for high-quality, cost-effective, time-saving, and rule-compliant workers' compensation, expert testimony, and vocational rehabilitation consultation services


  To provide the best possible vocational rehabilitation services within the scope of the system which covers you for these benefits in order to enable you to re-enter the job market at an optimal wage and on an optimal career path.

FOR OUR CUSTOMERS:  To provide the best quality service—at a reasonable cost and within an optimal time frame—consistent with your rules and regulations.

FOR OUR EMPLOYEES:  To provide a workplace that is safe and enriching for all of our employees and to maximize career development and job satisfaction.

FOR OUR COMMUNITY:  To serve our community by operating an ethical and active community-based organization that returns benefits to our region at large.


The "lauburu" (meaning “four heads”) is an ancient Basque spiritual symbol. According to Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Basque anthropologist and teacher, the vertical heads represent feminine expression (emotional and perceptual), and the horizontal heads represent male expression (mental and physical). These energies are also connected to the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. The intermingling of these “heads” in the symbol represents the creative union of these energies in all of us, regardless of gender.